What do ‘persiflage’, ‘whelk’ and ‘trousers’ have in common? They’re your most neglected marketing assets…

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What do ‘persiflage’, ‘whelk’ and ‘trousers’ have in common? They’re your most neglected marketing assets…

It’s frightening how neglectful brands can be of words. Honestly, half the time they don’t even seem to notice they’re there. Not using words to your full advantage is a bit like Bruce Lee forgetting to use kung fu and just relying on his yellow jumpsuit to dazzle the bad guys to death.

By which I mean, words are a brand’s biggest weapon. Words hold the key to being great on Google, likeable on Facebook, loved on LinkedIn (or at least, not lumped together with a lot of boring stuff on LinkedIn, eh?). In short, they’re how you build a brand online.

Obvious enough – but it’s surprising how little time businesses devote to the nuts and bolts of online communication.

At Thinkpiece, we’ve been mastering this verbal Meccano and we’re using it to help brands transform their marketing and save a lot of money on things that don’t work half as well.

Our method will make you less reliant on ineffective ads or eye-wateringly expensive PPC or time-consuming PR activities. It will establish you as an online publication in your own right: a destination where people go to find the things they enjoy reading. Things that are funny or interesting, surprising and informative. Things that Google recognises as useful to searchers. Things that people want to share with their friends. Things that make them want to buy from your brand.

We’ve proved that the method works. It involves combining commercial savvy and business experience with words produced by real writers (people who write for proper newspapers like The Guardian, The Daily Mail and The Spectator) and then editing everything to a broadsheet standard that works brilliantly online.

We call it Brand Editorial Marketing. It’s content marketing that’s considered, bespoke and has real substance.

So the question is, are you going to keep on neglecting your whelks and trousers? Or are you going to be like Bruce Lee?

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