Brand owners: why aren’t you all doing this?

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Brand owners: why aren’t you all doing this?

Do you agree with these 9 propositions? If so can you please answer the question at the end?

  1. Online presence for brands has never been more important and is only going to become more important
  2. Even if you have a distinctive product and a nice website the static content of your site isn’t enough to make a mark
  3. Being active where your customers are online is crucial
  4. But the paid ads that anyone can do in your space are not sufficient (they may not even be profitable)
  5. You need to publish content that’s useful, entertaining, interesting, distinctive and value-adding about what you’re selling
  6. If you do this, regularly and effectively, you’ll be seen by current and future customers as expert, trustworthy, generous, authoritative
  7. You’ll also start ranking higher in search and being promoted by social media platforms as a creator of quality content
  8. Finally, you will become an online destination and own a valuable brand
  9. BUT YOU ARE PROBABLY NOT DOING THIS, only a handful of brand owners are – even though it needn’t be expensive in the context of your P&L (or even your marketing budget)
  10. Why not? What am I missing?


Let me know your answer! Drop us a line at if you’d like help moving from 1 to 8.

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