Brand Editorial Marketing

Brand Editorial Marketing (BEM) is a form of content marketing in which the brand itself becomes a publisher of high-quality sharable content.

Rather than merely sponsoring content, placing PR advertorials with existing publishers or curating the content of others, with BEM the brand becomes a destination for relevant users to consume the kind of original content they enjoy.

For most brands it will effectively mean incorporating a technically-optimised magazine-style blog into the main website, which forms the basis for a continual flow of targeted social media content.


B2C Brands

For B2C brands, BEM provides cost-effective answers to the following emerging marketing challenges:

Search challenges

Reduced ROI on paid search
The cost of paid search is increasing, hitting ROI for brands competing on popular search terms (higher cost and lower conversion rate).

Changing nature of SEO
Every new Google update prioritises original quality content, shifting the emphasis of SEO from technical skills to editorial skills.

BEM answers both of these challenges by focusing on organic search. It provides a continual flow of original, high quality content in accordance with Google best practice, to support the SEO of the brand’s core search terms and also targeted long-tail phrases.

Online advertising challenges

Rise in ad-blocking apps
Encouraged by Apple, ad-blockers will significantly reduce advertisers’ ability to reach online audiences.

The declining effectiveness of internet ads
Banners now have to be served 1,250 times for one click. Meanwhile pre-roll and autoroll video ads, screen takeovers etc are increasingly provoking a negative consumer response, and there are widespread concerns about fraudulent activity and unethical charging practices.

BEM drives traffic to the brand’s main website via search, social media broadcasting and social advertising, reducing the reliance on paid internet ads.

Social media challenges

All social media channels are content-driven
Social marketing requires a continual flow of original content.

Facebook is now essential for driving word-of-mouth sales
Brands need sharable content to expand their reach on the most important social platform.

Growing value of social advertising
UK is now the second largest market for advertising on social media platforms, and Facebook has a 75% share. But if you want to make effective use of social advertising – such as promoted Facebook posts – you need high-quality, clickable content.

BEM provides a continual flow of original, sharable content for social media broadcasting, promoted posts and social advertising - to increase brand awareness, to encourage brand loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals, and to drive sales.

Email marketing challenges

Email supported CRM is still critical in driving sales
Engaging content is a vital component of CRM - for example, in regular email newsletters.

Growth in customer data driving segmentation and personalisation
These mean that a greater range of relevant content is required to effectively target data segments.

BEM provides content that can be tailored, personalised and targeted to particular data segments, to drive cross-selling and repeat buying.

B2B Brands

For B2B brands, BEM provides opportunities to enhance client relationships and reach new audiences. It provides answers to challenges in the following areas:

Industry authority

A large body of original, high-quality, industry-specific, technically-optimised online content will help establish your brand as an authority in your particular field. If your content is the best in the sector, your website will become the go-to destination for potential clients, referral sources and journalists, and you will begin to dominate search terms related to your business.

Client communications

Client communications such as email newsletters, downloads and social media content remain essential for client retention and for driving cross-sales. Maximising the effectiveness of these communications requires a steady flow of engaging content and a strategic editorial approach.

Marketing and PR

A content resource can form the source of a strategic flow of marketing and PR, such as articles in trade publications, syndicated blog posts on industry websites, white papers and conference materials.


For start-up businesses, BEM can be an effective way of creating some depth for a new brand, positioning yourself as an expert in your field, and generating some early buzz on social media.

We call it ‘building a launch pad’. With a body of original, quality content to point to, you’ll have something solid to back up your PR and marketing, as well as your SEO and PPC campaigns. You can also spread the word in your sector, identify potential advocates and collect prospect data.

We offer flexible, affordable packages for start-ups.

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