Thinkpiece brings together a team of people with the particular skills and experience needed to deliver effective, premium Brand Editorial Marketing.


Our directors have worked in a wide range of B2B and B2C industries, from furniture to publishing and from vets to accountancy. Our experience includes corporate editorial publishing, social media, advertising and all the other aspects of traditional marketing that now feed into the new world of content marketing.

Editorial experience and high-traffic content curation

Our editors have been running high-traffic blogs for over fourteen years, since the earliest days of online content curation, including some of the most popular blogs on the web. We know what works online, and how to target content at particular demographics.

Broadsheet-quality writing

We work with a pool of high-quality professional writers including regular contributors to publications such as The Guardian, The Spectator, the Daily Mail, the Sunday Times and many more.


Gareth Williams



Gareth works with digitally-led businesses and social enterprises. He has a strong track record growing businesses and brands as a CEO and board-level adviser.

He is Co-Editor of The Dabbler, a contributor to Oxford Dictionaries, and has written for publications in the UK and US. He has worked in industry, investment banking and retail. Thinkpiece brings together his interests in great brands and great writing.

Andrew Nixon



Andrew has a background in marketing and sales, including over 16 years’ experience in traditional and online B2B marketing. But he is also a prolific writer who has founded and edited some of the UK’s highest traffic independent blogs.

These two complementary skillsets make him ideally placed to design and implement effective Brand Editorial Marketing strategies.

Ashley Bingham

Head of Visual Content


A versatile editorial and commercial photographer and video producer, Ashley creates compelling visual print and online content for clients including Microsoft, Orange, Waitrose, John Lewis, Yell and Santander.

Will Stirling



With a decade of experience working in marketing for start-ups, Will has a wide variety of marketing and business skills, with a strong focus on digital, design and content creation.